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Mt Ridley Project

The Mount Ridley Project area is comprised of four tenements in the highly prospective Albany-Fraser Province approximately 60kms north-east of Esperance.

This area most likely represents a previously unidentified Fraser Zone crustal element with what appear to be identical geochemical, geological and geophysical characteristics to the tectonic terrane that hosts the Nova nickel-copper sulphide ore body some 180 kilometres to the northeast.

The Mt Ridley Nickel-Copper sulphide project has demonstrated potential for discovery of magmatic nickel-copper sulphide. The geology and geochemistry of the varitextured and nickel-copper sulphide mineralised mafic-ultramafic intrusive-hosted systems drilled to date on the project offer significant encouragement to continue exploration efforts. The tenor of sulphides intersected to date at 3.5-4% nickel in sulphide show the project hosts true magmatic nickel-copper sulphide systems. It remains for further exploration to find sufficient accumulation of such sulphides as to be economic.